2017 Updates

  • Posted on: 17 December 2017
  • By: dustywynk

Howdy! Where has this year gone!!! Sorry we’ve been pretty quiet this year. It’s been an odd year, and we’ve decided to do some retooling of the program. We should have our new game plan ready to roll out in April!

Until then...if you need another tax deduction this year, remember...all donations to our program are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!!!! We will be forever grateful! Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season!!!

The day after I wrote this, the Creek Fire hit! Gibson Ranch, our home since 2012, is still smoldering, and all our supplies and Luke’s saddle and tack are a pile of ashes. Most importantly, Dusty, Luke, Tonk and all the horses were evacuated and are safe AND Dale is on the fast track to rebuild. Sounds like by the time we have our new plan of action, Gibson will be ready for us to move back home.

Everything can be replaced except for the doors the kids signed. Those, unfortunately, are gone forever. Most amazing thing...our banner was untouched!!

The boys settling into their temporary home