Fall/Winter Updates

  • Posted on: 4 May 2016
  • By: dustywynk

Howdy! Can it really be December already?? To say that 2016 has been an interesting year would be an understatement! Luke and I met a lot of great kids...197 to be honest! Most we met for the first time, but we always love to see familiar faces... with carrots!

I overheard Sarah and Michelle talking, and they were very unhappy that we won’t be seeing any kids in December. Unfortunately, some expected funds didn’t materialize (whatever that means), so in order to start 2017 strong, Luke and I will get a little longer vacation.

I know they’re working hard to make sure 2017 is a banner year...fundraising-wise. Besides the usual Horse Expo and ETI Convention, we’re hosing our 1st Annual “Cleats for Hooves” Golf Tournament, and Diana Osberg, a longtime board member and friend, is hosting an amazing Mustang Fundraising Ride...info for both are on page four!! We would love your support for all these events so we can add instead of cancel outings next year!

Everyone is working super hard to get ready for Horse Expo at the Pomona Fairplex on February 3-5, 2017. As always, we need LOTS of volunteers to help work the “”Park Your Packages” booth...those tips really add up!! If you’re interested in having a great time, seeing some clinics, shopping AND helping out, let Sarah know at dustysriders@sbcglobal.net!!

To be honest, a long vacation is probably not a bad thing as my feet are hurting more and more. I may need some outings off next year. Luckily, Sarah and Michelle think my buddy Tonk, Michelle’s pony, will be perfect to fill in as needed!!! Nice to know that the kids will be in perfect hooves with Luke and Tonk!

If you need another tax deduction this year, remember... all donations to our program are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!!!! We will be forever grateful! Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season!!!